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What is Health Intact?
 *  Health Intact is the medical server developed by Pulse.
 *  Pulse Health Intact is used also to transmit medical data from patients to medical  personnel & vice versa.
 *  It is based on a strong expandable modular design that accepts further addition of  features & functionalities.
How to register in the system?
 *  From the Health Intact main page, go to the registration page..
 *  After successfully supplying the registration info, including user name & password, personal data, save your profile.
 *  After saving your profile, you can use your user name & password to log in next times.
What are the benefits?
 *   Being attached to the Health Intact, you will benefit from being monitored 24/7 by either your attending medical staff,       or by Pulse team (according to the subscription type you did).
 *   You can raise an emergency result.
 *   The up coming GPS facility (after being activated), will facilitate reaching those who are in a state not able to define       their location.
What is the meaning of Record?
 *  The record is the collection of medically data of one person for certain period of time (namely ONE day).
 *  A record is a collection of segments.
What is the meaning of Segment (Result)?
 *  The segment (result) is the atomic data captured in one measure.
 *  For example, it can be a two minutes graph of ECG, or a measurement of blood glucose or body temperature.
What is the meaning of Label?
 *  The label is the comment that the doctor puts on the patient's segments. (e.g. Normal ECG, Controlled High Blood       pressure, etc.)
What is the meaning of Response?
 *  The response is the action that the medical personnel take in response to the data arrived (e.g. calling the patient       back, raising an alert & moving an ambulance to the location where the patient is).
I'am not convinced yet, give me good reason to join?
 *  You can contact us regarding any remaining issues or concerns.
 *  Our support team welcomes your questions, comments, & recommendations during working hours.
 *  Click Here to go to the Contact Us page.



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